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It is dark, and I float above the road, silent and alert. Next to the road, there is a building where they do scientific research, and barbed wire weaves around the top of the fence. Parked on the road there is an RV, with a girl inside. Her hair is dark brown, and I don’t know her name. The side and roof of the RV are put in x-ray view for me.
The girl is working for the scientists, helping create something forbidden. On her computer she is typing something, and is immersed in her work. The street lamps go far down the road, and as I look at them, I see something in the darkness. Something glinting.
As it moves forward, I see it.
It’s an animal. It’s roughly the size of a Jack Russel, with the build of a Bulldog, but it’s not a dog. Its skin doesn’t appear to be skin, it’s more like black water, but thicker. Like oil, but not as thick. It’s like a surface, not skin. It moves as if dripping, but it doesn’t drip. It’s pure black. Its snout is almost square, and two things the shape of small icicles hand down from its mouth, the same black as its skin. Its eyes are round, and they’re the blackest black I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
The girl in the RV appears worried, and picks up her phone. She calls her friend, and when the call connects, I see her friend sitting in a cafe, in daylight.
“I need your help,” the girl says.
“Not now, —-” The friend rolls her eyes and hangs up. I don’t quite hear what she calls the girl.
“Anna?” The girl in the RV stares at her phone, and I can hear the terror in her voice.
I see the animal, which was previously creeping closer, start to run.
“ANNA?” The girl screams now.
The animal is almost at the RV.
“ANNA” She screams one last time.
The animal leaps up into the air and crashes through the windscreen. The glass shatters, and everything goes black.

This is a dream I had, or more accurately, nightmare, but I actually wasn’t scared at the time.
I converted it into a kind of Flash-Fiction thing, so… yeah.
Hope it made you scared 😉

(Yes, yes, I’m kidding!!)




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