Things To Visualize When You Meditate

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Now, I’m not qualified or anything, this is just what I like to visualize, and it might help other teenagers like me. Let me just say, my reputation would not stand for this. But hey, that’s outside, not inside. So I will begin. For any of you fellow teens who want to learn how to meditate, click here.

I’m not confusing meditation with astral projection, don’t worry. I like to call these “In Mind Experiences” as opposed to “Out Of Body Experiences”

Vision number one:

So, my personal preference is meditating in my bed, but it doesn’t really matter where you do it. So I spread my hair out across the pillow (because details) and close my eyes, and relax. And then I picture a tree. A big, tall tree with green leaves. Maybe flowers and rocks scattered around the roots, but I don’t pay attention to anything else. After I can visualize the tree perfectly, I picture a girl floating inside the trunk, not trapped, but more a part of the tree. A white girl (white all over, like how Kida looked, but not blue) with her arms crossed over her chest. If you’re feeling imaginative, you can picture her stepping out of the tree, and flying around all the branches, laughing. I picture her with the innocence and purity of a child. (Well, perhaps a newborn, because children cannot be described as innocent or pure anymore).

Vision number two:

Now, I spread my hair out again (details, people, details) and close my eyes, and I relax. And then I picture a stream. A stream with beautiful pebbles, and plants, and tiny fish swimming along. This is nice enough on its own for me, but I follow the stream anyway. The stream, for me, goes underneath two tall rocks leaning against each other, and carries on into a pool where a massive waterfall is crashing down. Here, I see thousands of parrots and/or macaws,  all flying around in flocks. Sometimes I go and sit on a rock and watch them, and then a rainbow appears.

Vision number three:

So I lie down peacefully, spread my hair out artistically (details), close my eyes and relax. I picture the ocean. Imagine sitting on a beach at sunset, and you’re the only one there. You can picture your lover if you like, doesn’t matter 😉 and look at the waves crashing onto the sand, as clear as clean glass, and blue. See dolphins leaping out of the sea, and look at the whale launching itself into the air on the horizon. Leave the sharks under the surface for a while. Now, the ocean is beautiful, and it’s one of my favourite things in the whole damn world, so this part alone is enough for me. But as if I’d stay on the beach when I’ve got the ocean right there! So I run across the sand and dive in. You can imagine you’re a mermaid/merman if you like, it’s better for transport. But  it doesn’t matter, you can dive anyway. I actually imagine myself as a fish. So you can dive under the water and look at the coral, the thousands of fish, the turtles, the dolphins. You can pretend you’re invisible at this point, if you took form as a fish, to save being eaten. And I just swim and swim until I get to a tiny island, and I lie on the sand there, and look at the stars… and then I fall asleep.

And then I open my eyes, and I’m back in my tiny bunk, staring at the posters on my ceiling, hearing my dad whistling.

Here’s the thing: all the big guides online say meditation is about clearing your mind, but I think it’s really about relaxing. When  I open my eyes, I feel ten times better than I did when I closed them, that’s for sure. And I think that’s what matters. It’s just my humble opinion though 😉 you needn’t pay attention to me! Do what you feel is right, and don’t follow things to the letter. If everybody did that, we wouldn’t be here!

My next post will be about mindfulness, so when I’ve done that I’ll link it here.

Now go save the world!





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