A War

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A War

Darkness is so softly spoken

You wouldn’t know she sinks her teeth in flesh like a snake

 And lets the poisonous fear seep out of her fangs

Depression is so familiar she is no longer an issue

She moves into her room in your brain

And no one acknowledges the bomb in her closet

Freedom of speech has changed beyond belief

Don’t you dare say anything aloud

But if you say it anonymously behind a screen we’ll let you go 

Don’t forget you would die without technology 

You’d have to look around you

And admit to what you’re doing

Memory hides in the shadows

His horns are sharp and his knife is never clean

Constantly coated in the blood of his victims

But Guilt is the worst of them all

She takes the form of a hand grenade

And everyone on this earth loves to throw her

All I have is my feet to stand on

No weapons to fight with

Just a small voice 

And who will win?

~ Bluebell Rizzi

Sorry I’ve been away a lot lately guys. I’ve been having a hard time, as my posts probably show. I’ll try my best to stay though. ❤



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