Metaphors In Runic Part II: The Simple Pleasures In Life

Metaphors In Runic, Part II: The Simple Pleasures In Life

I think that we don’t give enough attention to the little pleasures in life. And believe me, I’m not preaching. There are enough preachers in the world without me adding to them.

But I think I’m going to work on appreciating them more.

And here the metaphors begin.

Riding a bike with your hands in the air, speeding down a really steep hill, while the wind blows your hair back. It’s like flying. It’s the most free I’ve ever felt.

And when you see a beautiful sunset, the type that sets the sky on fire, the type that seems to show a whole different side to Mother Nature – her power and yet also her vulnerability.

What about floating on your back in the ocean, or the natural spring where I live. Your hair rests lazily about your head, and as you gaze up at the sky, you feel completely weightless. You’re like a feather.

Or a steaming hot meal after a long, cold day. It’s like being thawed out, your day of being a snowman suddenly over.

A long and luxurious drink of water on a hot day, equal to a storm after a drought.

And finally, waking up in bed all toasty and warm, knowing you needn’t get up.

This is bucket-list stuff, I swear.

Ciao! 🙂 ❤ ^ ^


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    1. Thank you! I just looked up some runic alphabets and memorised them 😀 I wanted to write more freely, without worrying about people reading what I wrote, and I always used to write codes when I was little, so it was easy! ^ ^

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