A Love Letter To Myself (And To You)

So beautiful, and so true. Everyone needs and deserves to read this ❤
Esoterica is the writer I go to whenever I crave some wisdom 😉

existential ergonomics

In my early twenties, I developed the habit of drafting up little love notes on particularly lonely days, leaving them tucked inside library books and waiting on park benches. I never stuck around long enough to see the recipients, but I always felt so much happier and more connected after my secretive love bombs. Maybe the young man who flunked biology will read, “You are enough” and feel a little better. Perhaps an overworked custodian will find the poorly-drawn smiley face paired with “Have a great day!” and crack a smile.

As I navigate through nausea, pain, and disappointment, I’ve secretly been hoping to stumble across such a note. I’ve been wishing and waiting for some kind stranger to remind me that things will get better, entirely forgetting that I have the full capacity to write such love letters to myself. Amongst the paradox and uncertainly, I’ve been chasing after…

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