The Monster In The Mirror

I look in the mirror to see a monster staring back at me. Red nose, plugged with tissues. Bloodshot eyes, swollen, and streaming because of some mysterious allergic reaction. Hair tangled and wild, lips dry as bone.

My voice is lost, my throat hurts, I am haunted by a cough and multiple sneezing fits.

I am a perfectly ordinary, healthy girl… trapped in an invalid’s body.

The monster in the mirror is nothing to do with me. I do not recognise her, nor do I wish to become acquainted with her. So I erase her from my memory, turn away, as my allergies force my eyes to shed the tears I am too exhausted to cry.

I hate being ill. So much. Normally I’m quite quick to recover, but though my fever has gone down, my symptoms just keep changing around, mocking me.

The day before yesterday, my throat hurt, I got a fever and rapidly went downhill. Through the night I was permanently dehydrated and completely exhausted.

Yesterday, my throat was scratchy, but I could talk, eat, and drink. My fever went down.

I thought I’d be able to get out of bed for a while today, but I woke up to my throat hurting a lot, and my eyes constantly streaming. It doesn’t hurt to talk, but when I do my voice breaks. This cough isn’t helping my throat feel any better, either.

My greatest gift today, though, is that I can write. So I have. Sorry if this is a bit too informational, my judgement goes totally out of the window when I’m sick, not to mention my mental health 😦

So, farewell, and I shall post as soon as I’m well enough to stand up without the room spinning 🙂

Ciao!! 🙂 ❤ ^ ^

(By the way, does anyone else think of the best jokes when they’re too ill to speak?)


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