A Different Kind Of Love

I’m reading someone else’s words now, late at night. They’re going through what I went through with you, and more.

So I tried to help, as best I could. I hope they’ll read my comment.

I miss you. I feel empty without you. I feel like nothing without you. You made me shine, and right now, I don’t want to remember the bad times.

Now, sick, tired and painfully lonely, it’s not even you I wish for.

I just want to feel a different kind of love. I want someone to kiss me until it doesn’t hurt anymore.

But instead I’m here, with a golden heart and no one to love.

It’s as useful as a lump of rock in a glass house. A tarnished ring not pretty enough to be worn.

Nothing can fix this pain, nothing.

So I lay my bleeding heart out to dry, and hope for better days.


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