A Series Of Fractured Hearts Now Fixed

Looking through my phone today, I found a post I wrote last year which I never got round to posting, so that’s what I’ll be sharing today 🙂 I hope you like!


Locked in the ice of your stare

Your eyes unforgiving

As you declare me unforgivable

I accept my punishment

And in silence, I remember

How once your eyes brimmed with love

You never passed up a chance

To tell me how beautiful I was

Yet now, within a mere day

You never pass up the chance

To remind me of what I have done

And to say how much you would love
To hurt me

Like you say I hurt you

My dear, I pray for the day you will see

The only crime I ever committed

Was falling out of love with you

Perfect Stranger

I was once in the supermarket

As a young girl with my father

Shy, quiet, and so very watchful

I looked up from my shoes

The power of your gaze hit me

As hard as a truck might have

Your eyes burned into my soul

And if I was the type to blush

Well, my face would have turned cerise

I looked away as quickly as I could

You see, I knew your face well

For I had seen you before

Always watching from the cafe

Seeing you walk across the square

Your girlfriend forever at your elbow

And sure enough, on this very day

She was behind you, laughing

Talking to your friends

But there was a little something happening

Because for a short moment

You could not take your eyes off me

Nor I you

That day has long since past

But after reading too many love stories

I dream of meeting you again

And if one day I do

Then I hope I will have the courage

To speak to someone so beautiful as you


The crashing of the waves fills my ears

I look out beyond the horizon

It reminds me of my future

Mysterious, uncertain

Smiling to myself, I remember

All the beautiful people that I have seen

Each of them brought me joy

To this day, they still do

Some of them I have never spoken to

Most I never will;

The laughing girl with the white nails,

The boy with the overpowering eyes,

The boy with the skull print shorts,

The boy with the most beautiful face,

The girl with the stunning aura,

The girl with the sweetest smile…

And many, many more;

I remember them all with a smile

And as I stare out at the horizon,

I dream of more beautiful people

Ones that might be mine to touch

Mine to kiss

Mine to sing about

Mine to write about…

Then I laugh, because I have no idea

And that’s the best part about having a future:

You have no idea of the wonders that await you…

These three poems are all about relationships. It goes from my most recent relationship, to hope for another, to certainty of another.

Clarity is a window we are only priveliged enough to peer through occasionally. I’m lucky enough to be looking through it now.

I know that I’m not always going to be happy. But sometimes I see the light. Just sometimes. And if I can keep fighting while I’m in the dark, I’ll be alright in the end.

Some people live their whole life in black and white, waiting for their yellow brick road to lead them to a world of technicolour.

But now, in a rare moment of optimism, I’m vowing to go and find my yellow brick road.

I will knock on every single witch’s house, and no doubt get cursed, but hey, one of them has to give me directions at some point, right?

~ Bluebell Rizzi


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