Golden Oldies : Poem Three

Hello all!!! Welcome back to my Golden Oldies series 😉

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So I am here with poem three! This one is more cheerful than the others 😀

I wrote it when I was eleven. I remember imagining myself on this desert island, with the palms swaying in the wind, crabs scuttling up the beach, and nobody there to bother me 😀

The Waves Of Freedom
Standing on the sand
Looking out to the horizon
I feel the rain on my face
The strands of my hair blowing in the wind
The waves crash into my feet
The wind encourages the white horses
As long as I stand here
The freedom of the ocean
Feels like mine
Standing here on the beach
Stopped in time
And I look out at the horizon
Where adventure lies
The waves of freedom
Wipe out the lies inside
I whisper to the birds
“I wish I could fly with you”
I gaze at the coming tide
And turn away to run from the tide
As I run
I hear the wind cry
“Oh, the waves of freedom. Look out, for appearances lie”

~ Bluebell Rizzi, Aged 11

16 thoughts on “Golden Oldies : Poem Three

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      1. Well, I was pretty much raised on books 😀 and I always wanted to be a writer because of that.
        I was constantly writing stories as a kid 🙂
        I’ve leaned more towards poetry as I’ve got older, and now I’m more a happy poet than the famous author my younger self wanted me to become, haha 😀
        What about you? ^ ^

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      2. Cool😀 🤘🏻..
        Well, as a kid I always wanted to tell a story …. a real fancy over the top kind with big explosions and conspiracy stuff 😅 … Cause I used to read a lot of Tintin comics … so I used to just imagine them in my head and feel good .. .(I actually hated poetry) the first time I actually tried writing something was in college tho … a short film script about a rock band…(it was dumb😛 )… But after that I realised how great a tool it was for un-winding and better understanding my own self … almost therapeutic, here I am … 😜😎

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      3. Oh yes ^ ^ it would be so interesting if we could read the books we dreamed of writing when we were younger 😀
        I love the sound of that, haha! I’ve pretty much never finished any of the stories I’ve written, once I got to the middle I always faltered XD maybe one day!
        It really is such a good way of discovering more about who you are. If you think of yourself as a puzzle that you’ll never fully complete, poetry gives us so many pieces to fit in 🙂
        Who’s your favourite poet? Modern or old 😀

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      4. So very true! 😀😀 And it’s like if the puzzle is ever complete then the fun would be lost . .. it’s the constant desire to complete it .. that makes it so damn interesting. ..

        Well I don’t have a particularly favorite poet, but I’ve always been drawn to the old ones, even tho they are a lot more complicated to decipher.. like Dante, Wordsworth, Tennyson, Tolkien , Tagore . .. it’s almost mystical to me . .. in the sense that it’s whispers from a bygone era … but so far I’ve only read few of their poems really as I prefer classic fiction more than poetry. . also also … It’s not just poems but songs from old rock bands like guns n roses, scorpians, Lennon etc that interest me 😛😛
        what about you ?

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      5. I wonder if there’s anyone who’s completed it? 😀
        I LOVE Tennyson 😀 it is totally like time travel ^ ^
        Guns n roses! My my! I’m a sucker for them 😀
        Tennyson is definitely my favourite poet, have you read his poem “the kraken”? It’s awesome 😀 as for music – well, I love pretty much everything ^ ^

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      6. Hmmm.. .I doubt it . .. they might be thinking that they have completed but I doubt they ever really would …😀

        No I’ve not read ‘The Kraken’ 😛… I’ll definitely give it a read now .. .. I really liked his ‘In memoriam A. H. H’ tho … Currently I’m reading this book called ‘1984’ .. . It’s brilliant in terms of it’s world building… have you read it? 😀


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