Golden Oldies: Poem Four

Hello and welcome to the fourth poem of my Golden Oldies series!!

To read the introduction, click here. To read the first poem, click here. To read the last poem, click here.

I wrote this one when I was eleven. I remember very clearly, sitting on the sofa and looking around the room. I was looking at every object that stood out and comparing myself to it. It makes me sad to remember it now.

Contrary to my younger self’s belief, I am bright, I have known happiness greater than she could ever have imagined, and we are all made of stardust. I wish she could have seen me now. This blog would have made her so happy. Reading this poem, a quote comes to mind, which I’m not sure where I read it:

“No one so young should be so sad.”

~ Unknown

I have objections about the moon line, but I guess in a way it’s true. Anyway, no editing is allowed, so I won’t be changing it 😉

Like I’ll Never Be
In the corner I sit
You never hear a sound from me
In my small corner
I reflect on everything I see
My eyes find the light
And as I stare at it
I suddenly think
It’s bright like I’ll never be
My eyes wander away
And find the patterns
Dancing on the floor
From the crystal water
Swim shadows galore
And I think
It’s clear like I’ll never be
I tear my eyes away
And stare at the shadows
And I think
They’re dim like I’ll always be
I drag my eyes to the people
And sadly I think
They’re happy like I’ll never be
I get up to go outside
And stare up at the sky
I look at the stars
And I think
They’re almost hidden like I’ll always be
And silently I look to the moon
And with a small smile I think
It’s always changing like I’ll always be

~ Bluebell Rizzi, Aged 11

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