Neurodivergent Is My New Favorite Word

The Dopamine Queen

It’s not you it’s me…. (and my mental illness) no longer applies. It’s you now. You and your neurotypical ass. Still neurotypical? Ha, that’s so retro of you. I mean who would even want to have all their neurotransmitters working in perfect order? How boring does it sound to have sufficient and regulated neurochemicals? Nah, you’re living in 2000 and late.

Me? Us? We’re out here in 2080 rocking our neurodivergent minds. Living our best lives attending all our therapy and doctor’s appointments.

Can you tell something’s different about me? Do I seem more positive and confident? It’s this new word I found and identify strongly with. It’s by far the most positive mental health term I’ve ever heard. Neurodivergent. Every time I write it I feel the stigma lifting and it feels so good. It doesn’t imply anything bad. It doesn’t feel negative. There’s nothing wrong with me; my…

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