This picture, along with her music, inspired the poem below 🙂


Pale hand reaching up

To push back a strand of hair

Thin ring on slim fingers

Gentle voice wavering

Searching for someone in the dark

Tears falling from those blue eyes

And doesn’t it scare you?

How fragile everything is

Isn’t it terrifying?

A grain of sand tipping the silver scales

Doesn’t the fear claim you?

When this delicate balance shifts

Well, it scares me

Tender heart stitched up in a glass case

And it terrifies me

When the waterworks come on

The fear claims me

Because you put up your umbrella and turn away from me

It’s then my walls collapse

The deafening sound of my heart exploding

Blue eyes snap open

The hand grazing the chest

Where the heart beats

Like a hummingbird’s wings

Eyes lifting to meet others

A laugh like sleigh bells

“I’m fine”

~ Bluebell Rizzi


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