Flickering Heart

Flickering Heart

Do you know what scares me?

Not having a story to tell.

I’m scared that I’ll run out of ideas

I’m scared to be the well that went dry

That writer that gave up

That girl with nothing to say

Who am I, if not a writer?

If you took away my poetry

I’m not sure what would be left

I don’t want to talk about the weather

Don’t want to write about heartbreak anymore

Reading beautiful stories

The sad, the bad, the good

But inspiration, while plentiful

Refuses to leave my pen

Writing and rewriting simple lines

I can’t get a grip

I’m losing it

But I can’t be the pen that ran out of ink

I was born to be a waterhole of words

And this drought can’t claim me

The odds are low

But I will cling to the earth

You won’t lose me yet

But be warned;

My light is fading

So don’t be surprised

If it goes out.

~ Bluebell Rizzi


7 thoughts on “Flickering Heart

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  1. We never run out of material or inspiration, but was there not a famous painter who said that inspiration exists but it has to find you working. That does not mean slaving in front of a keyboard, sometimes the working part is going out visiting new places and the inspiration comes, or just sitting under the sun with a notebook. Somehow I cannot see you as a fading light 🙂

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    1. Thanks, David. I get asked about inspiration rather often. Never know what to say to people who feel theirs is drying up. Now I do know, thanks to you. You make such good sense of things.


  2. The light of inspiration can never fade. You just need to connect to it, connect to yourself, your own emotions and let yourself be inspired by everything you see around you.
    You can do this as you were born a writer 🙂

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  3. Blue Bell….. My Guitars hang on the wall…. I play them sometimes , and they do not speak because their voices were stolen …. but other times , they speak to say thank you , just for remembering them ….. those are good days …. words are the same ,… they will thank you for just remembering them if you listen……. and then you can play together …..
    Poems are just songs with invisible music ……..each having a story , that is hidden except for the heart that it belongs to ,….which is out there somewhere waiting ….
    A Scripture for you ( I wont tell you where it is , you have to find it)
    ” As Apples of Gold , in Carvings of Silver ….so is the right word ,…spoken at the right time for it ”

    Thank you for always checking my words…. it cheers me up.

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    1. You have such a talent 🙂
      You can spin a silvery web of poetry out of something most people would use a dull sentence for, and it’s a gift to those who have the privilege of reading it ^ ^

      That is so beautiful! I will go on a google hunt 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comments, they mean the world to me ^ ^

      And it’s my absolute pleasure! ❤

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