The Pain Of War

Inspired by the film

Mrs Henderson Presents

The Pain Of War

Late at night, feeling down

I watched a film of war

And in all my life

I have never felt death so close

Not on the operating table

Nor the middle of the road

It was just a breath away

Death lingers like dust

In a skipped heartbeat

The rattle of a hitched breath

But never have I felt

The things I felt tonight

Watching the bombs rain down

The fires claiming the heart of London

Death after death

And for what?

Sometimes the world disappoints me

Violence, hunger and thirst

And why?

I feel grateful

For my safe life

But what I’m most grateful for

Is that I cannot fathom

Not for one second

Wanting to press that red button

Not for anything, not for anyone

And that is something

I’m proud of.

~ Bluebell Rizzi


10 thoughts on “The Pain Of War

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  1. You are so right, why do we behave like this and will we ever learn? Every now and then I listen to my grandfather’s recordings of his life when he served in WW1 in France and how, only a few years later, he was asking the same questions. Why we cannot learn to live together in harmony I do not know. Love, care and compassion seem to be values that are in danger of being lost. Your poem is a reminder that we must not lose those values 🙂

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  2. This is not a view, Bluebell, that I would urge you — or anyone — to adopt, but it seems to me human nature is fundamentally flawed and can never be really fixed. Basically, we are a species that is smart enough to get ourselves into situations we are not smart enough to get ourselves out of. And we do it endlessly. We learn as individuals. We never seem to learn as a species.
    Again, just telling you my views. Not trying to convert you to them.

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      1. My apologies. I should have been clearer. I disagree with the view humanity has much chance of flourishing in the long run. To me, the ancient Greeks got it right, we have a tragic flaw in our nature. Basically, we lack the foresight and the wisdom to avoid bringing about our own downfall.

        I think about 80% of us will die off within the next 150 years. The remainder will be resource-poor and most likely living under something akin to feudalism, because scarce resources have almost always meant tyranny for hierarchical societies.

        Fortunately, I’m crazy, so there’s no way any of that’s going to happen. That’s what I keep telling myself. I tell myself to dismiss my guess because I must be crazy.

        Only like Stephen Hawking, I don’t see a path to anything better than that — a path that isn’t a very long shot. We could end up with a Golden Age, but it’s a long shot. still, there’s a path to one. .


      2. The majority of me agrees with that fact, I’ll admit. I’m still uncertain of where I wrote that..? But I do agree.
        As for the future, I’ve never been entirely sure! I think there are a lot of different outcomes, and that’s definitely one of them.
        Ah, Stephen Hawking. One of the greats.
        There’s hope, I think. It’s all we have, really!

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  3. When the winds of war cease to be …
    Only then will man be free ,
    But the mind must be tamed so that wars are not in name
    and waste of wanton stature .
    to stand atop one another for what purpose
    To merely hide thine own iniquity
    such is that,… that rises ….
    feel the soil in your hands , and let sand run through your fingers
    on the shore of some forgotten sea , lingering in the moment
    long enough to see,….. the gull floating effortlessly across the crests of waves
    it is that , that saves ….
    that wind ….
    that silent space in between what we see , and what we believe ……
    And this we feel ….not achieve …..
    To Achieve …. to Conquer
    To ascend ,…beyond the scoffs of those beneath us …
    only in spirit …… because we’ve laid the weapons down …..

    Meet me on a peaceful shore , and my hands will be empty , but my heart full.

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