Fragile Still

Fragile Still

I am strange and difficult

Getting close, then running away

With you in my dreams

Break your heart and feel the pain

For the shortest second you thought it’d be me

But my fears and cruelty set you free

I am weird and mindless

I share half of me and pretend that’s it

With you in my mind

Breaking everything we build

Yes for more than an hour I thought it’d be “We”

But my fragile heart was trapping me

I am a coward, only trouble

Luring you in, saying yes to say no

You can keep playing this game, but I’m out here to kill

Just baby please know it’s because I’m fragile still

~ Erin Minx

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting, this seems to be the year of sickness for me!

Anyway, today I’m bringing you an amazing poem from my wonderful best friend! I hope you enjoy! ^ ^ ❤

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  1. This reminds me of situations where you are in two minds about revealing too much of yourself, something I felt when I was younger, a feeling of a need to protect, a vulnerability, but a desire for perhaps more than friendship. Hope you are recovering quickly. 🙂 🙂

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