A Match Made In Heaven, V1

Hi everyone! After much indecision, a suggestion from a wonderful fellow blogger (if you want to read utterly amazing short stories, click here!) I’ve decided to post two versions of this story, continuing at slightly different paces. This is V1, version one, and I’ll be posting V2 shortly 🙂

For the first part, click here.

I hope you enjoy! ^ ^

Her alarm woke her up with a chorus of annoying beeps. She lunged over to smash it, before seeing the match on her bedside table.
Grudgingly, she put the alarm clock down and picked the match up.

The creature had introduced itself as Lucifer, and explained that anyone she touched with the match would fall madly in love with her. It lit a fire in their soul that could never be extinguished.
“Be careful” he had told her.
When she pointed out the irony of the devil telling her to be careful, he’d just smiled and walked away.
Once he turned the corner, she’d walked home, climbed into her bed, and fallen asleep.

The plan was simple.

That day, she stood in front of her mirror, wielding a hairbrush.
She tackled her wild hair, taming it so it was pleasing to the eye.
With a dismissive hand, she pushed away her face paints.
For the first time in three years, she would not wear a mask.

And that day, when she walked through the halls of her school, the other students parted like the red sea.

But she was looking for someone.
At lunch, she found him.

Her first kiss was a boy called Finn. She met him at a party when she was fourteen. He’d made her laugh and kissed her in the alleyway.

Afterwards, she’d got scared. She told him she hated him, didn’t want anything to do with him.
It was a lie, and the hurt in his eyes haunted her to this day.
He still looked at her the same way, but she couldn’t deal with love.
She didn’t deserve it.

He was having lunch with his friends, across the room in the canteen. She met his eyes and held his gaze, then went out the doors.
She soon heard him behind her.
He sat down and looked out at the school grounds. Their breath mingled in the cold air.

“I like your freckles.” He said, quietly.
A genuine smile lit up her face, her cheeks showing the hint of a blush.

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