Poems By Lena


The pain inside me is unbearable
Tempting me both night and day
I’m breathing these careful whispers
Wishing you’d be coming for me

I want to do what is just not allowed
Break the rules and throw open the doors
Cause I’m not as free as you’d think
And maybe my soul’s not as safe as yours

My friend, my lost one, I don’t know
Is your heart as shattered as mine?
Our plan A would hurt less
I don’t know where I have you and if you’re fine

I’m here when you need me
It’s a pain so strong
When you want me I’ll be free
Cause I just can’t tell you you’re wrong


– The one who is always waiting

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The Head-hopper

Hey guys! I found an amazing writer, so when you get time, I recommend visiting this blog! You won’t regret it 😀

Pages from Another Place


Espresso Tale


Accipiter G. Goshawk

started head hopping when I was twelve.

this day, I’m not entirely sure of how it happened. One moment I was listening
to my Aunt Katie lecturing me about sitting up straight and the next I was
staring at myself from behind her eyes. Immediately I’d felt her disapproval at
my indecorous posture. Observing myself, I noticed that I was indeed slouching

I’d straightened.

smile had instantly appeared on Aunt Katie’s face and she’d patted me on the

that moment on, I discovered that I was able to enter the thoughts of anyone
around me. Funnily enough though, I could only do this when they were talking
with, thinking of or looking at me.

was surprised to find that there were many things that my nearest and dearest
felt I could correct and do better…

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