Future eyes and wandering feet

I’m absolutely in love with this!! It’s a must read 😀

Pages from Another Place

An Espresso Tale


Accipiter G. Goshawk

some time ago, a man freed a genie from a particularly dusty old bottle. The
genie was so grateful, that it swore to make the man’s greatest wish come true.

I really want is to be happy,” the man told the towering creature. “Can you
help me do that?”

djinn gave the human a quick once-over, as if it were trying to solve a
particularly complex problem.

it said at last, “but it can be done. Hold still, this may tingle.”

genie snapped its fingers, and immediately the man’s eyes and feet changed.
They were almost identical to those he’d had before, only that now they seemed
to pulse with an undercurrent of magic.

eyes of the future and the feet of wondering. These are my gifts to you,
generous one,” the colossal being thundered. “Be warned:…

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