Revolution, and why we need it NOW

Greta Thunberg, a wonderful human being ❤

What would you do if one day, out of the blue, the truth was thrown in your face? The truth that you’d ignored your whole life?
If you suddenly realised that everyone that helped you exist had been contributing to your likely premature and heart-wrenching demise?

When I was younger, I was reading a book that roughly predicted how many years we had before the end of the world. When the sun will die, that is.
I slammed the book shut, put it on an obscure shelf, and I’ve never touched it since.

So imagine me now.

I can’t close the book, I can’t go back, I can’t do a thing to alter the truth of what I just realised.

I’ll let you off the cliffhanger now.
Climate Change.

Before you walk away, I want you to know.
You probably thought you would never see even the beginning of the world’s end, in your lifetime.

But here’s a newsflash for you: you’re living it.

Every single person on this planet is contributing to the end of humanity.

Your children, your children’s children, and so on, WILL be affected by every one of your actions.

Our future is crumbling, and we are the reason.

“What can I do?!” You ask, desperately.
“Why are you yelling at me ?!”

I’ll be frank. You can do nothing, on your own. If one person is using metal straws, picking up litter, and recycling… well, great. But that won’t save us.

You need to do all that, and TELL people!!!!!

Your family, every friend you’ve ever had. Your city, school, college, university, ANYONE!!! EVERYONE!!!

Because if we don’t come together, we are doomed.

So please.

Because there is no try, there is only do.

I beg you, please watch this Ted Talk, and if you have Twitter, follow Greta on there, because she is so much more articulate than I am, and she says everything I’m trying to say a million times better than I can.

This is the most important thing in your life right now: to watch this video.

On a personal note, this is the first proper thing I’ve written on paper in almost a month 🙂

I wrote this – I’ll say article – after watching Greta’s Ted Talk.

What really got to me was when she talked about time. The year 2050, and how close it is, when you really think about it.

I’m pretty young, so… it freaked me out.

I sat there on my bed, looking at the reflection of the sunset on the wall, and all I could think was how much of a blessing it was that I was seeing it. That I had the time to look at it. The privilege of writing about it.

The luxury of good food, and clean water. A roof over my head. A stable life.

In my head I watched all of that get taken away.

The only threats to my life right now are depression and chance.

In that moment, and at time of writing, that seems so trivial compared to what’s coming.

Or, I’ll be positive: what’s coming IF we don’t do something, fast.

I want that ‘if’ to change.

I’ll do whatever it takes.

“Five years later , I take a deep, shuddery breath to stop myself crying. It’s not just that I can’t hold Aoife again , it’s everything: it’s grief for the regions we deadlanded, the ice caps we melted, the Gulf Stream we redirected, the rivers we drained, the coasts we flooded, the lakes we choked with crap, the seas we killed, the species we drove to extinction, the pollinators we wiped out, the oil we squandered, the drugs we rendered impotent, the comforting liars we voted into office – all so we didn’t have to change our cosy lifestyles.”

~ Holly Sykes – David Mitchell, Bone Clocks


2 thoughts on “Revolution, and why we need it NOW

Add yours

  1. Blue ,.. you begin to see ,…. but there are reasons it is happening … Maybe you read that part on my stream, maybe you don’t …. but if you do ….look up the references , please?
    and if you ever have any questions about those references , please ,…do not hesitate to ask me .
    But yes …… the Earth is in trouble …..she is crying ….. and in pain ,… but mankind , the human species ,…. is oblivious ….. we are a selfish species … there is a map that shows the way out though…..


  2. There is always hope.
    I work in Environmental Sciences, and I can say with a certain degree of certainty that the future won’t be easy.
    Humanity has changed the planet, and more damage is done every day. Some of us are working against this damage but it is something of an uphill fight. The truth is, change is coming. Without being dramatic or alarmist, we are fairly certain that what has been already done will bring about a radical shift in how we see life and our place on this planet.
    It is less of a “maybe” and more of a “when” it will happen.
    Why am I writing this? Because the world doesn’t cease to exist once it has changed. This planet has been through countless catastrophes, and life has survived. It adapts, it evolves, it changes. And so shall we.
    Let me clarify: I am not saying to stop fighting and to surrender to what is to come. That would be un-human.
    Instead, learn to live with the life that surrounds us. The small things do make a difference. Picking up the trash, using natural detergents and soaps, natural fabrics, trying to limit the amount of plastic you use…all these things make a huge difference. Get informed, spread the word.
    We are the children of our planet. Some of us have grown deaf to our parent, while others never lost her song. More need to learn to listen again.
    Be bright, be light and life and hope and wonder. These things keep the shadow at bay. Try to see life as it is: a wondrous dream, contained within the walls of silence and death and oblivion.
    We are humans, blessed with star-filled eyes and the souls to contain them. As long as there is a spark within us, then there will be light to be found in the fields of the world.


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