About Me

Chipped nail varnish, bracelets and long sleeved jumpers are my trademark 🙂


Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! ^ ^

My name is Bluebell (as you might have guessed) You can read more specific stuff about me here.

This blog isn’t really about anything specific… I give song recommendations, I write poems, stories from my life, stories in general, book reviews, occasionally spiritual stuff, I’m very passionate about things such as depression and misunderstood sexualities, I might post a bit of my photography at some point in the future… You get the picture :p (pardon the pun) I just aim to make this blog so that anyone can come along, and look at the posts and say “Hey! That’s totally me!” or be like “Finally, someone who gets it!” And also just have a good laugh 😉

I hope you enjoy my blog!!! ;D

Ciao! =^.^=




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